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Lisa Gillen




It was a happy accident when I first discovered glass art over 25 years ago...

​Although I began my journey with the exploration of traditional leaded and foiled stained glass, I didn't find my true passion until I discovered kiln formed glass. It was a whole new exciting world in which to create with sheet glass, crushed glass, enamels, molds and so much more.​

​I give credit and express gratitude to all the fine artists who have helped guide me through my glass journey. A lot of my success has come through old-fashioned trial and error, and my willingness to take chances, experiment, and yes, even fail.

I am currently the Vice President of Art First Gallery and a proud member of Brush Strokes Gallery in Historic Downtown Fredericksburg, VA.

I hope you enjoy my glass interpretations as much as I enjoy creating them! Thank you for visiting Bello Vetro Studio!



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